• 10 Days of Pony - Twilight Sparkle

    We have just 10 days until Season 5! After the most painfully long hiatus ever, Friendship is Magic is finally returning to entertain us and give is brand new pony stuff to drool over for the next half a year.

    In celebration of that, we are going to count down the final 10 days with themed pony nights, starting with TWILIGHT SPARKLE!

    Of all the characters on the show, Twily has gone through the most significant changes. She started off as a book obsessed recluse in season one, who's brand new social life was run by how-to guides and assistance from Spike. We've seen her as the paragon of adorkability, getting excited over things I bet a lot of us in the fandom would relate to.

    Over the seasons, she has both gained in confidence and grown more friendly to her fellow pony. While some of her original charm was lost when she went princess mode, she still slips back into it pretty often. We saw her slip back into her nerdy know-it-all roll during "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3", and I loved every second of it. Here's to hoping season 5 will bring even more of that glorious Twilight Sparkle banter we've come to love.

    Now go! Spread the message of Twilight Sparkle! And return tomorrow night for celebration on another character!