• MLP: Friends Forever #15 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, Discussion!

    "But... but maybe he's only a little crazy like painters or composers or... or some of those men in Washington."—Mr. Shellhammer, Miracle on 34th Street

    Having lived in the US state with the First in the Nation Primary for most of my life, I can say with absolute certainty that what's depicted on these two covers is 100% accurate of politicians looking for re-election. Just as accurate is there hardworking staff buried under all that paperwork.

    I wonder how buried in political ads Ponyville is come campaign season?

    Anyways, I hope everyone is ready for a comedic take on The West Wing, as we get an in-depth look at how Ponyville's government is run behind the scenes. Find the usual below to check it out!

    Digital Download

    Variant Covers
    Regular Cover by Amy Mebberson
    Subscription Cover by Brenda Hickey

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