• Random Merch: Lamps, Bed Set, Easter Stuff, and Terrifying Rainbow Dash Plushie!

    LAMPS. Now not even your nightstand will be safe from pony domination! Assuming you don't have a Funko Luna on yours like I do. She's always on my nightstand, guarding the night. The best nightmare. These were found by mlpon3 and Framwinkle at Target

    And get more random merch below!

    Bed Set and Blankets

    Your room is about to get girlier, with humans.

    Found At: K-Mart at the following links: Twin Comforter / Twin Sheet Set / Blanket 
    Found By: Chris

    Puzzle Set


    Found At: Rockland
    Found By: Tim

    Chocolate Egg

    But can it beat Cadberry eggs pre-nerf?

    Found At: B&M
    Found By: Vidyagame Brony

    Random Bag

    All the pals

    Found At: Target
    Found By: mlpon3

    Breakfast Set

    I didn't know toast stampers existed

    Found At: ASDA / B& M
    Found By: Teresa W and KatiePie

    Weird Rainbow Dash Plushie

    Twilight Sparkles oddly proportioned plushie from a million years ago finally got a... Rainbow Dash?

    Found At: Target
    Found By: Framwinkle

    Pony Poster

    Found At: Toys R' Us
    Found By: Framwinkle