• A Bunch of Meta Analysis Community Videos We Don't Know What to Do With!

    I'll be honest here. The Staff on EQD either don't know who many of these analyzers are, or are too busy watching House of Cards season 3 to really dig into it.  This leads us to an issue when these videos are reaching the 20 minute mark! Time to roll those dice. Time to crowdfund the pony fandom sorting things for us.

    If you aren't watching House of Cards season 3 and happen to follow the shenanigans of the analysis community, check out some random meta videos they keep releasing below!

    Blame the hiatus. That's the only explanation right?

    1.) AMWDW One Year Anniversary/30k Subscriber Special
    2.) "ILoveKimPossibleAlot IS HACKING US—" | BRONIES 2: More Unexpected Fans of OMG SEND HELP
    3.) KP, I Have John de Lancie