• MLP Show Staff Convention Circuit 2015 Mega Post

    Currently this Mega Post is a Teeny-tiny Mini Post. I have a feeling that will change as the year goes by and we get more guest announcements from the various MLP cons.

    Below the break, you'll find the current list of confirmed staffers who are making physical appearances at the various conventions throughout the year. This list will continue to be updated as the year goes on, so if you don't see a member of the staff your looking for, do not panic. There's still plenty of time for them to be announced.

    As a reminder, if you happen to come across any member of the show staff who is making a guest appearance at a convention that we do not know about, please submit it to us ASAP. We'll post the announcement and add them to this list post haste!

    Steffan Andrews—MLP:FiM Background Music Composer
    • Babscon: April 3rd–5th; San Francisco, CA

    G.M. Berrow—MLP:FiM Writer
    • Babscon: April 3rd–5th; San Francisco, CA
    • Brony Fair: April 11th–12th; Berlin, Germany
    • Trotcon: July 17th–19th; Columbus, OH

    Daniel Ingram—MLP:FiM Song Composer

    Natasha Levinger—MLP:FiM Writer
    • Babscon: April 3rd–5th; San Francisco, CA

    Megan McCarthy—MLP:FiM Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer
    • Ponycon AU: February 21st–22nd; Surfers Paradise, Australia

    Bonnie Zacherle—MLP Franchise Creator