• MLPFIM Trading Cards Series 3 Spoiler Extravaganza!

    With Series 3 of the Friendship is Magic Trading Cards debuting at Ponycon in NYC next weekend, there have been a lot of spoilers lately over on Enterplay's Facebook page, with more coming over the next couple weeks! Highlights include:

    • Every new major character from Season 4 has a Character Card, along with all the old favorites like the Mane Six, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, Discord, and more
    • All 91 episodes are featured in their own Episode Card, with a lots of info like first air date, a synopsis, and trivia
    • There are 9 Lenticular Cards that bring scenes from the show into motion, 4 of which can be found in pack and 4 are box toppers

    Above are four of the Lenticular Cards in Series 3, featuring scenes from Sleepless in Ponyville, Boast Busters, Dragonshy, and Magical Mystery Cure. And there are lots of new cards to check out below the break, including the Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich Special Foils!

    This Cheese Sandwich is Special Foil F62, which you can find at conventions in 2015. Your first chance is at Ponycon 2015 in NYC next weekend.

    This is F57 Pinkie Pie, a Special Foil you can find exclusively inside the Pinkie Pie and Maud Tin that debuts at Ponycon and hits shelves a few weeks later.

    And below you can find a whole bunch of Episode Cards that have been revealed! Be sure to keep an eye on Enterplay's Facebook page as more get revealed. People are voting every day on which new Episode Card will be unveiled tomorrow!