• MLP Trading Card Series 3 Debut at Ponycon NYC - Flash Sale announced, feat. new Pinkie & Maud Pie Tin!

    PonyCon is about a month away so they are going to sweeten the deal for the next 100 3-day ticket purchasers! What's at stake? This beautiful Pinkie Pie and Maud lunchbox that is going to premiere at PonyCon this February!

    Not only that but if you're a fan of MLP Trading Card series, you can be one of the first to own series 3 as they make their debut at PonyCon!

    Got your interest piqued? Well check on after the break for the full details! The fun just keeps getting bigger and better down in the Big Apple!

    Ponycon is thrilled to announce some exciting news from one of our featured vendors, and a super flash sale to promote! 

    Press release from Packbreakers 
    Flash Sale! The next 100 purchasers of a Ponycon NYC 3-day pass will receive the brand new Pinkie/Maud collector's lunchbox tin from Packbreakers!
    This gorgeous new tin ($17.95msrp)  will make its debut at Ponycon NYC and you can get one as a GIFT with purchase of a $75 3-Day pass. The tin comes stuffed with goodies and goodness - 2 exclusive foil cards - one for MLP: CCG and one for the new MLP Series 3 trading cards.  A poster, and plenty of card packs.  Offer limited to 4 per purchase (1 per ticket) and expires on 1/31/2015. Pick up your tin at Ponycon NYC. 
    Additional news
    Packbreakers will pre-release MLP Series 3 - Episodes at Ponycon NYC. Enterplay has created a brand new set, with a card for each of the 91 episodes in Seasons 1-4. EVERY pack comes with a FOIL CARD (oh, unless you are lucky enough to get a lenticular 1:24 packs) plus stickers, standees, song/sweepstakes cards, and new characters to add to your collection. Get them first at Ponycon NYC!

    MLP: CCG gaming will be in full swing at Ponycon NYC.  Don't know how to play yet? No problem.  Step on up for a demo and get a FREE pack just for trying it out! There will be plenty of fun for players of all levels.  Watch for full schedule of events at ponyconnyc.com
    About Ponycon NYC
    Ponycon NYC is the Northeast's My Little Pony Fans Convention - Celebrating our third year! Meet Andrea Libman, Daniel Ingram, Ingrid Nilson, and Vincent Tong this February 14th-15th-16th at SFC College in Brooklyn NY for three amazing days of artwork, panels, music, workshops, gaming, vendors, cosplay, food, fashion and FUN! 
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