• Discussion: You Finally Found a Way to Equestria! How Do You Introduce Yourself Without Scaring Everypony Off?

    After several years of intense study in the world of quantum physics and parallel world travel, you have finally found one of the infinite dimensions out there that just so happens to resemble an exact replica of Equestria (Aside from Celestia being pink, but we can't have everything).  After stepping through the portal, you find yourself outside of Ponyville.

    Any good scientist would need a plan. In what way will you introduce yourselves to the citizens of ponyland? Who would you seek out first in your quest to become accepted into equine society as an interesting creature instead of a horrifying naked monkey monster?

    The choice is yours! Do you aim for the potentially uninformed yet overly brave Rainbow Dash and pretend to be a race from the Everfree Forest? Or do you seek out Twilight Sparkle and introduce yourself via SCIENCE?

    Hit the comments up!