• Equestria Girls 3 Confirmed by New Australian Media Distributor

    We have pretty much known that Equestria Girls 3 was going to be a thing, but so far only based on speculation from books on Amazon and toy sets.  This is probably the first actual official source for it to appear in public though.  The new distributor (taking over for Madman) in Australia for MLP movies and seasons dropped this in a response to someone over on Facebook.

    I'm guessing we can expect it later in the year, or early next year if past movie releases for the series are any indication.  Here's to hoping those poor animators over at DHX aren't too stressed out by all these future releases!

    Thanks to Mark for the heads up.

    (And in other news, it looks like Australian cinemas are getting season 4 starting tomorrow. A video from the MLP Facebook revealed that. You can find it below the break, and get tickets here.)