• Ponies Getting Flowery in New Leaked Brushables From Taobao - Possible Season 5 Theme?

    Cutie Mark Magic brushables have been popping up quite a bit in the official merchandise lines lately, which has many thinking it could be a theme in season five. Something mysterious has appeared over in the world of Taobao though, with the introduction of these flowery ponies. Like the Breezies and Rainbow Power of the fourth, it may be a hint at things to come.

    We don't have much information on them other than the usual Taobao stuff.  Things that appear there can take months to actually hit stores in the west. 

    Of course, Hasbro drops quite a few sets that never see the series at all.  I wouldn't mind an episode about Pinkie Pie's Boutique though. Wouldn't that be interesting?

    Thanks to Lucy for the pics!