• Random Merch: Party Band Set, Pony Sleep Mask, Ornaments, and More!

    Thanks to Logic Gate for the image. 

    Oh hey, a band set! It's what all you who dream to make it big in the pony music scene have been looking for. I bet that cheap plastic has the most unique sound out there. We could use some unique in pony music with all the dubstep and... dubstep. Lots of dubstep.

    You can get that one at Walgreens in San Diego, and below the break, loads more RANDOM MERCH!

    Inb4 someone uploads a song with these drums and adds a dubstep track to the background.

    Pony Sleep Mask with Shirt

    Yes, even sleep masks have been ponied.

    Found at: Target in Texas
    Found by: Blas and Annie

    Puzzle Set

    To go with the million other pony puzzles

    Found at: LIDL in Germany
    Found by: GuenzBrony

    Funrise Holiday Plushies

    Cover those spaghetti manes!

    Found at: Target in Las Vegas
    Found by: TuxedoCartman

    Beauty Stand Thing

    Just in case you need a mirror or something.

    Found at: BR in Sweden
    Found by: Globi

    Orb Pony Ornaments

    Quite a few pony ornaments this year. I better see some Christmas trees covered in them.

    Found at: Dollar General in Texas
    Found by: Rave and Ironpyrite

    Beauty Tech Cosmetic Set

    Now you can be beautiful too!

    Found at: TJMaxx
    Found by: Juli

    Pony Academy Luggage Tag

    With OCD like Twilight's, expect to never lose a piece of luggage again.

    Found at: Target in Minnesota
    Found by: Corpulent Brony and Peter

    Holiday "Winter in Equestria" Activity Book

    Yay coloring books.

    Found at: Walgreens
    Found by: Jason