• Discussion: Who Should Represent Hearths Warming Eve in Equestria?

    It's that time of the year again! Hearths Warming Eve has arrived, and all the ponies are off celebrating by... well aside from the Heart Carol and play, we have no idea! So far MLP has really only had one winter holiday special, and it focused on the history of the world itself.  This gives us a whole bunch of untapped potential to play with.

    Assuming Chancellor Puddinghead isn't the go-to Christmas diety for every foal out there to beg for presents from, who do you think they have taking the place of "Santa Claus"?

    Have a bullet point guidelines:

    • What would their name be? 
    • Would it be a Pegasus? Unicorn? Griffon? Earth pony with a team of flying donkeys? 
    • Would the seemingly female dominated Equestrian society have a mare as the symbol?
    • What would they do? Deliver presents, or something else entirely? 

    And feel free to expand on that.

    Hit the comments up with your ideas!

    Thanks to Stefano for the question idea!

    (inb4 it's Luna in season 5)