• Balloon Party: Academy of Power - Mindscapes Officially Releases - 49 Songs From All Over the Fandom!

    When was the last time you bought an album with a whopping 49 songs included? The new Balloon Party has officially released after five months of hard work between an army of musicians.  Academy of Power has a tiny price tag of just $2 for well over an hour and a half of music, and a variety of genres for just about everyone.

    If you want to sample or buy it, check it out over on Bandcamp! And get the little blurb about it below the break. 

    "It was the day of presentation. Twilight was standing in front of the class, taking in the serenity amongst the students. She smiled in anticipation, taking in the moment of calm for a moment, then spoke up. "Alright everypony. I hope you have studied well for your presentations. And I hope we'll be able to do it within 4 hours, as Octavia will need this room for her class by then. Let's start. Nexaka? Go ahead."

    Twilight moved to the back of the class, and readied her pen and paper. Nearly four hours passed, with no interruptions inbetween, and Twilight's expression kept on switching between worry, amazement, disbelief, and high-pitched enthousiasm. And after the last presentation, she happily trotted back in front of the class. "Thank you, Sound Guy. Alright. Wow, everypony. I have gotta say I am impressed. Never before in my teaching career have I had such good results. All of you should be very proud of yourself!"

    Twilight handed her notes, per separate presentation, to the students it belonged to, with good grades on all of them. Her class brimmed with pride, some bumping hoofs, some hugging, cheering words of victory. "I hope all of you took notes as well. May what you've learned today help you on your future endeavours. Class dismissed.""
    Wow, everyone. Balloon Party revived and back into action like never before! It shows, with this powerhouse of an album, Mindscapes. It shows once again how much talent and diversity our community has to offer.

    A BIG thank you to all people who participated, and a BIG thank you to the people of the team. Academy of Power wouldn't have been what it is without you!