• World of Warcraft In a Nutshell, with Ponies - A Failed Demon-stration

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    This is pretty much my life right now. Trixie, World of Warcraft, Ponies and Pickup groups. Ahh the pickup group. One would think after so many years, that people would be used to grouping with an army of random strangers and completing objectives, but alas, this still is not the case. Tomorrow raids officially release, and I'll be camping that LFG tool looking for normals to die repeatedly in with my fellow guild outcasts.  This is going to be fun.

    In celebration of that,  Join Twilight Sparkle and friends as they summon a Kazzak (I recognize those shadowolts I think?), along with some Trixie.  Poor Poor Trixie.  I'll be joining you tomorrow!