• Disney May Have Been a Big Factor in Axing of Dreamworks and Hasbro Merger

    According to Hollywood Reporter, the Hasbro and Dreamworks merger talks may have been wiped out due to a conflict of interest with Disney.  According to their sources, Disney made a note that Hasbro would be labeled as competition if the deal actually happened.  As you all are probably pretty aware, Dreamworks and Pixar are the two big names in the world of CGI mega movies, and as owners of Pixar who also work with loads of Hasbro's brands, it probably would have been rocky if their rivals were suddenly in with the clique.

    Considering we also saw the stock hits, I'd be doubtful that this plan would, ever come back in the future.  Maybe we can get our CGI pony fix from Pixar instead? Do it Disney!

    Thanks to Alexandra, Ed A, and everyone else for sending it!