• Music of the Day #393

    This is your third pony movie Music of the Day people. What do? Is this acceptable?

    Get some music below while we think of some awesome bat Trixie villain songs.

    [1] Source
    Silverwing - March of the Wonderbolts
    Instrumental - Orchestral March

    [2] Source
    Rainbow Rocks Tribute

    [3] Source
    Cloudsdale Runaway

    [4] Source
    Luna (Will Show Me The Way Home) - Outside the Day

    [5] Source
    Agents of Discord - Flutter (Original Mix)

    [6] Source
    UnderpΊny - Free

    [7] Source
    Let's Have A Battle (of the Bands) (Full Instrumental Cover)

    [8] Source
    Soul Of The City (Drum & Bass)
    Instrumental - DnB