• MLP: CCG - The Stars Align with Celestial Solstice!

    Hoping to find ammo for your current decks with the release of Celestial Solstice later this month? You got it! Hoping to get motivation for all new decks, like a three-color deck from last week's article, or maybe even a Princess Deck? You got that, too!

    Check out below the break for all the alicorn awesomeness you could hope for!

    The new Princess Celestia Mane Character card is a great place to start when making an alicorn deck. Just play your second alicorn Friend and poof, she's Boosted, and gives all of them a constant +1 bonus to their power. And if you're going to make a Pretty Pretty Princess Deck then you'll need some more pretty princesses, right?

    This Princess Celestia rewards you for playing Friend cards, by drawing you another card for free that is hopefully yet another Friend you'll want to play. And then this Princess Luna combos perfectly with her sister, since you can gain an action token instead of drawing a card when Princess Celestia would have let you draw a card!

    You may be thinking, "But Cups, how do I make sure I draw my alicorns? And how do I afford to play all of them? Also, are we ever going to see Nightmare Moon again?" Well...

    Throw this new Nightmare Moon Troublemaker in front of your opponent and watch them have to decide: do they defeat her, earn one point, and confront the Problem Nightmare Moon was blocking... while also letting you search your deck for an alicorn and put it into play at no other cost? Defeating Nightmare Moon at the wrong time in a game can mean victory or defeat right then and there!

    If you choose to play Blue with this deck, then Ten. Seconds. Flat. can do wonders. Imagine that your opponent just beat Nightmare Moon so that they can confront both Problems and they're expecting to win the faceoff. Won't they be surprised when you use this card to move a Friend to the Problem on their turn, and it's even better when you move someone like Wild Fire who can then move ANOTHER pony along with her at no extra charge? Gotcha!

    One of the strongest uses for this card is a slightly more advanced play. Your opponent may purposely confront just one Problem, specifically such that it won't cause a faceoff on their turn, planning ahead. Using this card to suddenly force a faceoff can throw a wrench in their plans, and it also means that you get access to a new Problem at the beginning of your turn, with all new bonus points to claim. This can be a big swing!

    There you have it, the other half of the 10 new cards you'll get full playsets of in Celestial Solstice, which you can get your hooves on across the US this Halloween! And the best news? This is just the appetizer... Expect the announcement of a release date of the main course, Set 3 The Crystal Games, coming soon to an internet near you!