• MLP: CCG - It's Almost Time for a Celestial Solstice!

    Celestial Solstice is adding 10 new entries to the My Little Pony CCG cardpool this month, including some beautiful new Mane Character cards that are going to make quite a splash!

    Just look at Twilight Sparkle above. Not only is that a special extra-sized Mane Character card, it also turns sideways when Boosted to make even more visual impact, AND its gameplay text is like nothing seen before...

    Let's take a look at more of the cards in Celestial Solstice below the break!

    Let's start with honest little Applejack here. Her game text makes sure that any card in your hand is useful, even if it's just to "throw away" for an extra one or two power to eke out an invaluable Problem Faceoff victory. Combine this with some good Pink cards that let you keep on drawing, like the DJ Pon-3 Mane Character and Let's Get This Party Started, and Applejack will always have ammo available.

    And speaking of Pink cards that make sure you have ammo in your hand, here's one that not only helps you draw back up to 6 cards, it also disrupts your opponent's plans by tossing whatever was in their hand back into their deck and replacing it. Note: if your opponent groans at losing their cards, they probably will not take it well if you do your best Pinkie Pie impression asking them how surprised they were.

    Troublemakers getting you down? Does your best friend play a Villain-heavy deck and tries to keep you locked down all game? Rarity here can be an impressive 3 cost for 7 power if your opponent has two Troublemakers in play! Combine Rarity with some Blue cards like Biff! Pow! or The Hard Way to challenge Troublemakers outside of the Troublemaker Phase and you'll blast your way through in no time.

    The Tree of Harmony is one of the very rare Artifacts in My Little Pony CCG, and unlike the Elements of Harmony we've seen in Canterlot Nights, this one doesn't have any color requirements to play so it can go in any deck. Drop this card early in a game, keep tending the Tree for a while, and then wham! Suddenly you have enough action tokens to pull off some amazing stunt for the win!


    And last, but certainly not least, let's take another look at Twilight Sparkle, Friendship is Magic, one of the two new Mane Character cards in Celestial Solstice.

    She's not very difficult to Boost: just play a Friend that is different color from another Friend you control, like a Blue when you already control a Purple. Then, just as she's Boosted, pick a color: Twilight is Purple AND that color for the rest of the game! If your first thought was "Wow, that's going to have a big impact on deck-building" you're 110% correct. Expect to start seeing some awesome three or four color decks out there. And there's a new mechanic in Set 3, The Crystal Games, that will be very relevant to multicolored decks...

    That's it for tonight, but next week we'll look at the other five cards in Celestial Solstice, and another deckbuilding strategy you might see at your local playgroup: alicorns, alicorns everywhere!