• Random Merch: Rainbow Dash Hair, Ornaments Return, Scooter, and More!

    Now YOU can have Rainbow Dash's HAIR.  All of your prayers have been answered. Congratulations! Found at Toys R' Us by Luna Flaire.

    And below the break, boatloads of Random Merch!

    Pony Ornaments Returning to Stores

    These guys were found at Toys R' Us.  Thanks to ShadowRose2k and mlpon3 for the heads up!

    Soft Lite Rainbow Dash

    Also found at Toys R' Us.

    Pony Scooter

    That thiing looks like it would fall apart!

    Found on Amazon!

    Projection Light

    Found at Toys R' Us by Jody!

    Pinkie Pie Ribbon with Brushable 

    Found at Micheals in Texas by Nolan!

    Beauty Set

    Found at Kmart in Oregon by Kelsey!

    Pony Hand Towel

    These are available over in Europe soon apparently.  Found over here by Rick.

    Giant Art Supply Crayon

    Found at CVS by Marguerite.

    Baking Book

    Found at LIDL in Germany!