• Enterplay New York Comic Con Plans - Exclusives, Events, and More!

    Enterplay will be setting up shop at New York Comic Con this year, and bringing in a whole bunch of exclusives and demos to check out for those in attendance.  Some of the highlights include:

    • Limited Quantity of Derpy Collectors Box with exclusive Manehattan stamped version of Crystal Games Pf1 Preview Card
    • Manehattan stamped "I've Got a Golden Ticket" card with the purchase of the Maud Pie playmat.
    • Derpy playmat 
    • Canterlot Nights playmat
    • "Frank" Compass Playmat
    • Smarty Pants trading card series 2 promo with purchase of a Tirek poster

    And for the events, expect a demo with Enterplay Staff that will net you a free pack of the MLP CCG cards.  Apparently they have a special going where if you find a business card in the pack, you can trade it in for an Ultra Rare card.  Demos happen once a day for all four days.

    Now go play some cards!