• Convention Compilation - September 1st

    Not a whole lot of convention news dropping lately, but we have a few time sensitive ones in this one.  Have some headlines:

    Sydneigh Status Update
    Harmony Con 24 Hour Livestream Schedule and Guest Announcement
    Ponyville Ciderfest Labor Day Sale

    And get the full pressers below the break!

    Sydneigh Status Update

    Sydneigh is 100% going ahead.

    Thank you so much to those who have shown us love through tickets, donations and shares, we’ve had 50 new likes just this week on our Facebook page.

    However, so far most of that support has come as ticket upgrades. While this is fantastic, our VIP tickets are limited, and we will need to sell more GA ticket sales to eventually break even. We could see people holding off because of the uncertainty of Sydneigh and we completely understood – we would feel exactly the same.

    We’ve done the math and come to the conclusion that we could not continue with the convention without making one last significant change.

    So it is with deep sadness that we have decided to cancel Andrew Francis as a guest for the survival of Sydneigh rather than continue to put the community under stress.
    The decision to cancel Andrew Francis’ appearance is one we have had to make to ensure the stability of Sydneigh. While we were progressing exceedingly well with the goals we had set we decided that it was putting too much stress on the community and ourselves. We want to be able to assure our people that their contribution and support isn’t in vain and that they can confirm their flights, leave, tickets and accommodation with no risk.

    We are so sad to lose Andrew but we are joyful that Sydneigh is 100% going to happen! It. Is. ON!!!!

    With everything major in place we can really focus on the details now so we hope you'll join us. Keep a lookout on our Facebook page for an exciting announcement in the next few days about the very first My Little Pony CCG Australian National Championships that we'll be hosting at Sydneigh 2014 for Banter Toys and Collectibles!

    We are also very excited to pre sent our draft schedule. We have worked very hard to make sure there was a variety of events over the two days of the convention. Take a look here:



    Harmony Con 24 Hour Livestream Schedule and Guest Announcement

    Hello everyone, DarkPhoenix of Harmony Con here once more. We are but days away from our inaugural 24 Hour Livestream. You’ll find that we have a lot of fun things lined up for you all, as well as some pretty amazing special guests.

    We are proud to release our final schedule, as well as a full listing of the guests who will be making an appearance on the stream.

    Beyond the guests and the games, we will also have some unique items available for giveaway. Plus contests and prizes up for grabs.

    The stream will start on September 2nd at 11 am, Pacific Standard Time, and can be viewed on our Twitch page here: http://www.twitch.tv/theharmonycon

    We hope to see everyone there!

    Harmony Con staff

    Ponyville Ciderfest Labor Day Sale

    Ponyville Ciderfest Here!