• Dave Polsky is a Beast - Great Reaction to an Awful Panel Question

    While we mentioned a few bad fans at the Dave Polsky panel during BUCK 2014, the full scope of it wasn't really showable via text. Someone over on Youtube has uploaded one of questions he received, and Polsky's superbly professional reaction to it.

    I think this brings on another point in general.  Friendship is Magic has always had a very close fandom/staff relation, and as someone passionate about our cartoon pony show, you may not like something that happens or the way an episode plays out.  This doesn't mean you get to attack the staff behind it.  Don't be "that guy".  Complain in private.  Bombarding someone who traveled halfway across the world in a public panel scene just makes you look like an idiot.  Be respectful. 

    Anyway, you can find the video below!