• Random Merch: NICI Lineup, Backpacks, A Quad, and More!

     Lots of NICI merch is starting to hit stores for those in or around Germany.  Joining Twilight Sparkle last night, we have these and the entire plush lineup (found below).  You can find them over on the site as well, but shipping will probably be pretty expensive.  Thanks to Julia for the heads up.

    And below the break, more random merch!

    NICI Plushie Set

    To expand upon the stuff above!

    Rainbow Dash Rainbow Power Backpack

    More backpacks! Hope you all are actually excited for school this year.

    Found at Claires by White Hawk

    Heart Tins

    Found at Hot Topic by Alaric

    Masked Pony Magazine

    Found in the UK At Sainsbury by Jekkie

    Magnetic Dressup Book

    Found online at Toys R' Us by jskr.

    Blinking Light Up Wall Calendar


    Found by Lucy! Expect it at various stores in the USA.

    Adventure Kit

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say don't actually go adventuring with this kit.

    Thanks to Julie for sending it, found at GO! Games and Toys.

    Kids Quad

    I'm going to guess that your average brony would probably flatten this 6 volt beast.

    Found by Danielle over here!

    Tattoo Set

    Found at Family Dollar by inho. 25 Pieces total.