• BronyCAN Announces New Staff Guests and Panel

    BronyCon and GalaCon may be going on right now, but that doesn't mean the news is stopping for the rest of the awesome conventions coming up later this year! BronyCAN for instance is proud to announce the attendance of a ton of new special guests! With the arrival of Andrew Francis, Sam Vincent, and Richard Ian Cox this party just keeps getting better and better.

    Got your interest up? These three will also be hosting a panel whose info you can find after the break!

    There are less than 30 days before BronyCAN arrives, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished adding exciting new events and guests to our show! We are excited to announce that veteran voice actors Andrew Francis (Shining Armor), Sam Vincent (Flim), and Richard Ian Cox (Snails) will be attending BronyCAN as our latest guests of honor! This talented trio will be hosting a panel about a new film they are collaborating on, titled Last Night in Suburbia, and be present on Saturday to meet their fans (i.e. you!) and sign autographs.

    The panel will take place at 3-4PM on Saturday (Aug. 23). Check below for a description of what’s in store!

    Last Night in Suburbia is a film in pre-production, being produced by Sam Vincent, written and directed by Richard Cox and co-produced by Andrew Francis. Ashleigh Ball is also chipping in by producing and contributing vocals to the soundtrack. Sam, Richard and Andrew will be giving us the lowdown on their newest project and answering some questions along the way. The film is about a close group of friends who are separating after summer holidays and are spending their last night together at a house party (Pinkie Pie is jealous already). Join us as we learn about their collaborative effort that will be filming this September!

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