• Bronycon 2014: Enterplay Panel

    It’s that time of year again!  The biggest pony convention of the year is underway, and with it comes lots of news.

    This is PRB reporting live from Bronycon.  Enterplay did a panel presentation today filled with new info about the next series of the Trading Card Game.  If you’re a fan of the MLP TCG, find all the juicy details below the break!

    (We've been asked to note that some of the images presented below may not be the final appearance of the products they represent.)

    The regional championships for the MLP TCG are taking place here, at Bronycon, on Sunday.  Continental championships are going to be held at Gencon, which takes place on August 14-17.

    New Products:

    As was mentioned earlier, the free promo card being distributed at Bronycon is the Mane-iac card.  It’s one of a set of nine special Power Ponies cards, the rest of which are to be released soon.

    The final collectible card from series two is Smarty Pants, which is also available at Bronycon with the purchase of a Season four finale poster.

    The new two-player set, Rock ‘n’ Rave, featuring Vinyl Scratch and Maud Pie as mane characters, will be available soon.

    A 3-inch MLP card binder is available for purchase, and comes with a special “Rainbow Dash Dressing in Style” card.

    Several new accessories are available, including new protector sleeves, deck box sleeves, and play mats.

    Series 3 cards are coming this fall.  The new series includes episode cards, as well as foil and lenticular cards.

    The Equestrian Mailmare (Derpy) promotional card we featured a few days ago is available at the con with the purchase of the limited edition playmat.  The first batch at the con sold out within 30 minutes, so it may be tough to get your hands on one of these!  We were also told that Pixelkitties designed the art for that card.

    The Celestial Solstice deluxe set contains all of the following: packs, foils, sleeves, dividers, a Twilight Sparkle D20 die, a poster, and oversized lenticular Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia mane character cards with special abilities.

    Other info:

    Series 3 will include the MLP Crystal Games set: 200 new cards arre included, with mane characters including the CMC, Princess Cadance, Spike, and a special pony not revealed at the panel.  New gameplay mechanics include teamwork and prismatic modes, but no information was given about these mechanics at the panel.

    More new mechanics, including active/inactive card states (flipped up or flipped down) were hinted at but not directly confirmed.

    Online ranking software for the game will be launching soon.

    That’s all the new information.  Fans of the collectible cards or the TCG have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

    Keep your eyes open all weekend for more Bronycon coverage!

    And then they ended with this.  Because tacos.