• Discussion: What Fanon Idea Do You Want to See in the Show?

    Our hypothetical Hasbro buddies just flew in with their blank check waving executive for more of your amazing brony advice.  Turns out they need to incorporate some fanon to help build a bridge between company and community, and want you to help do it!

    That's right good citizen of ponydom, your amazing ideas are about to become reality.  An episode in season 5 needs a fandom reference, and only your unparallelled intellect is capable of choosing something. Want the entire mane cast to go sock shopping and host an episode centered completely around Fluttershy trying on different pairs? Go for it. Does Lyra finally find a way to open a portal to earth for her anthropological study on everything human? It's yours!

    Head on down to those comments below with what you want to see from the fandom make it's way into the show!