• Music of the Day #339

    No socks? Just a night cap? What is this? This is not the Luna of my headcanon! She doesn't sleep in such a state! I DEMAND A REDRAW.

    Get some music while I enforce that some year. 

    [1] Source
    Muse of Discord

    [2] Source
    Inside Her Head
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [3] Source
    M Pallante Sunrise

    [4] Source
    Flyghtning - Stare of Kindness
    Instrumental - Electronic/8 bit

    [5] Source
    Violin Melody - Loudmouth (So Many Wonders Remix)
    Remix - Electronic

    [6] Source
    "A Contrived Sporadic" Original Pony PROG METAL (Instrumental)
    Instrumental - Progressive Metal

    [7] Source
    Ponysphere - Rise and fall of the changeling queen
    Vocal - Metal

    [8] Source
    DasDeer - Macintosh Mountains
    Instrumental - Rock