• Golden Oaks Library Memorial Book Drive

    The loss of Twilight's home became quite a topic of discussion over the three weeks since the season finale with many tribute comics alongside other pieces of artwork and community discussion made to mark the occasion. It was during this time that an interesting idea came to us from one of our readers: why not have a book drive in remembrance of the library? After all, a book drive would please Twilight and the books from Golden Oaks have to go somewhere!

    So, to mark off another event for the hiatus, EqD is proud to the announce the Golden Oaks Library Memorial Book Drive! The general idea of this event being to donate new or old books to your local public library, school library, or charity organization. So how does it all work? Follow the bulleted guide below!

    • Gather up new and/or old books that are in good condition you are willing to give away
    • Call your local public library, school, ect to see if they'll accept your donation
    • Drop off your books and take a picture of the donation (cosplaying optional of course)
    • Send in the picture along with the number of books donated to [email protected] with the subject Book Drive

    How long will the event last? We will be running it from today till the end of June so there is plenty of time to get your books ready and sent over to your place of choice. At the end we'll post up all the pictures of pony fans who donated and have a final tally that we hope will make Twilight smile.

    Twitter: Calpain