• Everfree Northwest Presents: Ponyville Live

    With about a month to go, EFNW is ramping things up with a special live presentation tonight at 7:30pm PST. Check on after the break for the full details on the event and tune in if you can.

    Everfree Northwest has something exciting and new that anyone with an internet connection can attend! Our new podcast, Everfree Northwest Presents, will be having an interview with Silver Eagle the director of Ponyville Live and We Are Borg the associate director of Ponyville Live! The show will be hosted live tomorrow evening (6/1/14) at 10:30pm EDT (7:30pm PDT) on the EFNW Presents livestream channel and on Fillydelphia Radio .

    What exactly is Everfree Northwest Presents? EFNW Presents is the premier podcast of the Everfree Northwest convention and is operated year round by people from the Everfree Northwest team. The show is a live podcast that is typically run by our three hosts Pony Tim, Lightsolver, and Dapper Jack. The show is broadcast every other sunday at 10:30pm to 11:30pm EST on our Livestream and on Fillydelphia Radio . Audio and video is broadcast on the Livestream while only audio is broadcast on Fillydelphia Radio. This show is rated PG-13 but we try to more often stay around a PG rating.

    The show is split up into 3 main parts: The first part is our “Intro & News” segment where go over Everfree Northwest convention news and news from the fandom. The next part is our “Special/Main Event” segment where we discuss the show’s topic and/or interview special guests. Our last part is our “Random Cool Thing” segment where we each talk about something interesting we found that, pony related or otherwise. We shoot for an hour-long show, although we have been known to run longer if needed.

    If you missed an episode you can catch all of our past shows on iTunes , EFNW’s youtube page, or on our website . Hope to see you at the next show!

    Twitter: Calpain