• Album Compilation - June

    Need some music to fill up those mp3 players? We have a bunch of it this time around with genres for just about everyone.  Entire parody albums at that! Have a list.

    Appletini - Freewave
    My Little War - Bajanic
    The Hole's In The Sky - Screams From Equestria
    The Ministry Mares - Seventh Element
    Forever Friendzoned - General Tso's Chicken

    And get the full albums below.

    Composer: Freewave
    Genre: EDM, House, Disco, and More!

    Description: This is my 4th album and represents most of the EDM I've made the last 12 months. There's a bit of everything here to get you moving; Reggae, Disco, Electroswing, House, Darkwave, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Trance. Some are show covers, some remixes, and some collaborations (some old and several tracks are new) but all based around the fandom in some fashion. Thanks to all the great musicians and vocalists who appeared and contributed. After 2 1/2 years of making music for the fandom I still like my music like i like my drinks, with a little pony in them. ;)

    This is a pay what you want release. If you'd like to contribute I'm going to see what possibilities there are for making it to a convention this year with some help. If you'd rather keep you freewave albums free I understand.

    My Little War
    Composer: Bajanic
    Genre: Electronic

    Full Album on Youtube

    The Hole's In The Sky
    Composer: Screams From Equestria
    Genre: Metal, Deathcore

    The Ministry Mares
    Composer: Seventh Element
    Genre: Ambient, Orchestral, Post Rock, Electronic, Soundtrack

    Description: Well, here it is, the result of about a year and a half of thinking, planning, composing, recording, and overall compiling. This is a Fallout: Equestria concept album relating to the mane six, and the ministries they ran. It's far removed from anything I've ever done as a musician, and my first time making a full length concept album.

    Forever Friendzoned
    Composer: General Tso's Chicken
    Genre: Parody


    -Smash Mouth
    -Daniel Ingram
    -Eurobeat Brony
    -The Living Tombstone
    -Mystery Skulls
    -Modest Mouse
    -Sherclop Pones
    -That One Song From Frozen
    -Daft Punk
    -Cats Millionaire
    - and more!!