• Story Updates - June 23rd

    Luna the nurse.  I bet a lot of you like that scenario.

    Get some story updates, including that one, below!

    Story: Trails and Trials (Update Part 7!)

    [Friendshipping] [Dramedy]

    Author: Mazzyrazzy
    Description: From a young age, Ditzy Doo knew she wasn't like most ponies. Jinxed and uncoordinated, she was shunned from all social circles as she grew up. When a friend finally comes her way, Ponyville's residential mailmare will surprise everyone—including herself—when she demonstrates how far she's willing to go to keep that friendship.

    Trails and Trials (New Part 7!)

    Story: Enter Nurse Luna! (Update Part 10!)

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Foxy Kimchi
    Description: It is that time again, the dreaded flu season. Not even Princess Celestia, the ruler of the sun and day, is safe from it. When Celestia contracts the flu, what pony could possibly nurse Celestia back to health? Why none other than her dear, loving sister of course! Enter Nurse Luna!
    Enter Nurse Luna! (New Part 10!) 

    Story: Princesses Don't Potty (Update Part 10!)

    [Comedy] "I'm still shocked that the author managed to pull off this premise so well. Still laughing too.” – Pre-reader lost in Middle-Earth

    Author: CDRW
    Description: Celestia wants Twilight and her friends to loosen up a little bit around her. Luna just wants to try the hard cider. During a surprise visit to Sweet Apple Acres at the tail end of cider season, Princess Luna has just a bit too much to drink, and when she makes a rather inappropriate joke, Twilight comes to the very uncomfortable realization that she has never seen Celestia excuse herself to use the restroom.
    Princesses Don't Potty (New Part 10!)