• S4E24 "Equestria Games" Now Available on iTunes and Google Play

    It's time to revisit The Crystal Empire in the penultimate episode of Season 4. The latest episode of MLP:FiM is now available for purchase and download from iTunes and Google Play.

    Episodes are available on iTunes in High Definition for $2.99 and Standard Definition for $1.99. You also have the option to buy the second half of Season 4 which includes Episodes 14-26 for $24.99. On Google Play, you can purchase Season 4, Volume 2 for $19.99 or individual episodes in High Definition for $1.99.

    Additionally, you can watch S4E24 "Equestria Games" and the rest of Season 4 for free for a limited time on HubNetwork.com.

    Note: As of this writing, the iTunes version of the episode is currently experiencing a problem where the episode resolution is cropped resulting in it looking weird. We've already notified Apple support and they are working on it.