• Star Wars and PONIES

    Lets skip the usual stuff tonight. We need to discuss a super important FANDOM SUNDERING issue here.  Yes, it's that important.  Good citizens of Equestria Daily and pony as a whole. Friends of cartoon equines everywhere, and devourers of geek culture with all of the wonderful things that go along with that.  I come to you with a question, and do try to be as honest as possible:

    Would you watch a My Little Pony/Star Wars crossover series? As in, ponies in space, not Twilight Sparkle teams up with Luke Skywalker for the usual Star Wars story. That's just lame.  I'm talking their own unique Star Wars style universe here, with Sith Lord (insert pony here) doing all sorts of nasty stuff against Jedi (insert pony here).  No not in that way. This isn't an HBO 3:00 AM post.

    Indeed, it seems that adding light sabers and mysterious cloaks to just about anything could make it go from "kinda cool" to "HOLY CELESTIA COMBINING 3 BLACK HOLES AND A NEUTRON STAR THIS IS AWESOME". Just look at this cat video for an example.  How many of you would be all over ponies joining the world of Star Wars crossovers?!

    Hit the comments up with your thoughts.