• Random Merch: SPIDERSHY Napkins, 9 Inch Brushables, Lanyards, and More!

    These guys are starting to pop up at various stores, though most sent them from a place called Family Dollar.  Expect giant brushables at 9 inches tall. 

    And below the break, loads of extra random merch! Get it all below!

    Thanks to Flarabelle, Krysal, Scootabelle, and Ashley for the heads up!

    Italian Stickers and Decal sets

    Cover everything in pony

    Found at:  Image Edizioni
    Found by: Grifen

    Arty Shirt

    Like one of those million dollar paintings, but with ponies.

    Found at: Macys
    Found by: Micheal

    SPIDERSHY Napkins

    CAN YOU HANDLE A SPIDER? Is she still cute with 8 legs?

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Cyd

    Movie style Equestrai Girls on Taobao

    These things have the oddest faces still. 

    Found at: Taobao
    Found by: Thomas

    Equestria Girls Backpack

    This is going to be an interesting year. 

    Found at: Mercabolibre
    Found by: Rock

    Lanyard and Keychain

    Another Lanyard, this time with designs on the actual ribbon, and some keychains dash style.  

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Julia

    Stationary Set

    The UK is getting some more school style stuff.  Vectors everywhere. 

    Found at: Wilkinsons
    Found by: Teresa

    Party City Commercial for Party Merch

    Something a bit different for those curious. Lots of random merch in this one:

    Found at: Party City
    Found by: Patrick