• BUCK Hundredth Ticket Raffle is ON!

    Remember that raffle we told you about some weeks ago? Well, it's finally here and now is your chance to buy your ticket for BUCK if you haven't already. Who knows, you might just be the lucky winner of a discount.

    Check on after the break for all the details.

    Win an £80 discount on a BUCK ticket!
    It’s the third week of May, and by arbitrary judgement, BUCK Towers has decreed that every hundredth ticket we sell this week will be refunded up to £80!
    That means if you buy a Standard ticket and it’s the hundredth ticket bought, we’ll give you £80 back!
    20% Cooler and Celestia tickets are also included in this, so you could get the premium perks, such as pre-registration, priority entry, a VIP dinner, a Guest of Honour Buffet, and much more for £80 less than the list price!
    There’s no limit on how many tickets qualify for this offer – the more tickets we sell, the more prize tickets there will be, so tell your friends and get them on board, and this time in August you could all be packing for the best convention on the calendar!
    We’re busy adding the final touches to our schedule of events, so stay tuned to see a whole load of event announcements coming up. We’ve just arranged our Musician’s Discussion Panel, where a group of our Summer Sun Celebration musicians will be sitting down to talk about production and their favourite techniques.
    We’re also arranging a similar discussion panel for community voice actors, and an Improvised Voice Acting set, making the popular Blind Reading bigger, more random, and even more fun enjoyable!
    As always, check the website for the latest news and links to the many ways to stay in tune with BUCK 2014!

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