• Random Merch: Pint Glass, Headset, Projection Pen, and More!

    I'm seriously considering running an event to see how much of this random pony merch someone can use at one time. Headphones, a scooter, stickers everywhere, pony sunglasses, wigs, hair extensions, the works. I bet one of you out there has done it.

    Onward to random merch! Lets start this one off with something that I bet no one expected a few years ago.  Above is a pint glass, with Rainbow Dash on it. We've seen stuff like this before though.  Pony definitely isn't just for little girls anymore. 

    That was found at Spencers by SciFiBrony.  And below, more RANDOM MERCH!

    Cosmetics Set

    How high quality is it? Who knows!

    Found by Jakub in Poland at a store called Rossman

    Rainbow Dash Projection Light

    Shine Rainbow Dash on things.

    Found by Flarabelle at Hot Topic.  I'd call first to see if your store has it though.

    Dollar Store School Supplies

     Are you a bad enough dude to start college with a Pinkie Pie pen?

    Found by Luna Flaire at Target's dollar section.

    Tricks and Treats Luna Book

    This one has a synopsis, looks to be a re-telling of Nightmare Night

    It's Nightmare Night in Ponyville Join the ponies and their pals as they celebrate their version of Halloween. They dress up in silly costumes, collect lots of candy, and tell spooky stories about the evil Nightmare Moon 
     Found over at Booksamillion by Ashley

    New Giant Sticker Book

    I wouldnt mind that giant Celestia

    Found at Costco by Victor

    Rainbow Rocks Headset

    We've had pony headphones before, this is the first Rainbow Rocks version though.  I for one am glad it has a pony on the side instead of an Equestria Girl.

    Found by Ossie at Amazon.