• Pegasisters Live Website Goes Live!

    The pony fandom's biggest pegasister podcast is moving to its own website! They've been working hard on it and they hope you guys can join them on their new site!

    Just on after the break for all the info gang!

    Pegasisters Live is making the big move!! TO THEIR OWN WEBSITE!! 
    That's right ladies and gentlecolts, the ladies behind the best female podcast around now
    has their own site in which they will be streaming on!  If you haven't gotten the chance
    to catch the podcast, they stream now on PegasistersLive.com at 10 PM EST every Sunday!

    Pegasisters Live is a podcast hosted by Emily Jones and Sondra Weisberg (And currently on
    a short break due to new work, Tayy Bohlen!). PSL talks about the female perspective of the
    brony community as well as some other wacky subjects added in from each of their personalities
    like Batman and League of Legends! They also talk about their con going experiences and
    cosplay as well as doing charity events and exciting contests! Be sure to tune in to through
    their new site and keep up to date of all the new action!

    Pegasister's Live Website!

    Twitter: Calpain