• 100 Standout Facial Expressions From Season 4

    Know what season 4 did an amazing job of?  Facial expressions.  These ponies just keep getting more and more complex as the seasons go on.  It's time to celebrate this advancement in equine technology the way the internet was built to do it: list them!

    This was going to be a top 10 in order, then turned into 25, then 50.  It is now 100, and sorting that many from best to worst was impossible.  We fought over just 10 of them for a good 30 minutes.  So instead of going that route, we have sorted them by pony! COMPROMISE.

    You aren't here to read me blabber about our issues though.  You want pony faces. Head on down below the break for a whole bunch of them.

    Update: If one was missed, toss it in the comments.  We might do a followup.

    Twilight Sparkle:

    Twilight really rocked this season, as she usually does.  Some of the best emotions in her repoitoire usually involve either snarkyness or adorkable.  Expect a lot of that in her area.


    This season, Apples dropped a whole boatload of common sense on us, which had the side effect of lacking int he facial expression department.  We still got a few good ones out of her though.


    I never realized how much Fluttershy breaks into tears and freaks out.  Aside from adorable and batty, that was her primary expression in season 4.

    Pinkie Pie

    Good god this pony is creepy.  Why does it feel like she is slowly getting crazier and crazier?  Most of this section is that.

    Rainbow Dash 

    Probably my favorite next to Twilight this season. She was Fluttershy level cute for half of it, and whatever that Daring Do face is for the rest.

    This wing thing is the best.


    Rarity had two full episodes of madness to build upon. I probably could have filled this entire post up with Inspiration Manifestation screenshots alone.  When she loses it, she really loses it.

    Group Shot

    Other Characters: 

    CMC, Discord, Coco Pommel, and more here, starting with the queen of expressions up above.  She just has so many going on at once that they all cancel each other out. 

    Pretty much all of Mane-iac's expressions were insane.  I figured I'd grab one for this post.

    And finally, Celestia to finish it. I've never been a huge fan of her snout from the side, but she looks really good straight on. So regal~

    And that about covers it.  If you want a collection of all of these without saving one at a time, have a download.  Thanks to whoever compiles screenshots of episodes on the MLP wiki, that always helps!