• BUCK Announces Cadence Stage and Return of Pipsqueak

    Music is a big part of any convention and BUCK is going to try something new this year as they announce the Cadence Stage, an event where lower profile musicians are able to show people what they've got! Not only that but comic Pipsqueak is back for another stand up comedy extravaganza!

    Check it all out after the break.

    Happy Wednesday everyone! We’ve got exciting news for you that we’ve been waiting to share!

    Brand new for BUCK 2014 is a community driven event aimed at bringing the best up and coming acts to light: The Cadence Stage.

    Back when we were seeking applications to perform at BUCK we had a tough choice to make. We wanted to bring you the biggest and best names you know and love to perform at BUCK, but we also wanted people who were new; people who hadn’t taken the spotlight before, with a selection process where popularity wasn’t a factor.

    So we added a whole new event specifically for people matching that description. With two one-hour slots (on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon), this will be a casual music event to enjoy with other events happening elsewhere. It’s an opportunity for budding performers to receive exposure at a large event, without the high-pressure atmosphere of the Summer Sun Celebration.

    So please drop in and support our selected musicians!

    Zatslol – Acoustic

    Vocal Score – Guitar Ballad

    shwabadi – Acoustic

    Macarou – Breakcore

    Mush – Chiptunes

    OneWingPegasus – EDM (Dubstep)

    HACKD – Hardcore


    After a huge success last year, the adorable rascal that is Pipsqueak is back for another Stand Up Comedy routine!

    He’ll be not only be bringing you an hour of laughter on Sunday, but also sneaking into a few other sets to keep the party rolling!

    We’re still building up to our special 3rd Week Of May Giveaway, where between the dates of the 18th and 24th, we’ll refund up to £80* off every hundredth ticket we sell.

    The more tickets we sell, the better the chance of you getting a free Standard ticket, or heavily discounted premium ticket!

    Got hype yet? Okay then, one more for the road – stay tuned this week for the return of The Lunar Eclipse concert, only at BUCK 2014!

    BUCK Towers out!

    *Terms and conditions apply. See BUCK Website for details.

    Twitter: Calpain