• Discussion: What Do You Plan to Do For the Great Pony Hiatus of 2014? And Some Recommendations!

    We have a unknown amount of time before new episodes air, and for the fourth time since this fandom has been around, need to survive largely off fan content.  Time to plan out how to tackle the boredom!

    Some general recommendations:

    The MLP Comics: They may only last take about 15 minutes to read and release twice a month, but we can build pretty easily off of what some give us.

    Meetups and Conventions:   The Summer brings in a whole bunch of opportunities to join your fellow pony fan.  Get on it! Meetups here, Conventions here.

    Go Join a pony Guild: We have a gaming index.  Under the downloads and games is a guild recruitment section.  If there is one thing pony is known for, it's swarming every game out there. (Whoever took Trixie on Wildstar yesterday needs to cough it up in June!)

    The MLP CCG: Card games are incredibly addictive.  They require a bit of a money investment though.

    Learn a new skill: The Artist Training Grounds should be here during either the mid or late summer, and we have an entire season of music to remix.  The SFM community is also thriving with loads of tutorials from Agrodaemon and others.   A few years ago, we ran a summer achievement event.  Maybe it's time to revive that and get you guys charging into new things?

    Create a full side series dedicated to Trixie and Twilight delving into ancient unicorn ruins in search of powerful magical artifacts: Get on it animators/Hasbro

    The best thing about pony being a fandom is how easy it is to get out there and get involved.  Now go! Keep pony alive while we wait for season 5, or at least the Equestria Girls stuff this fall!