• Album Compilation - May 26th

    Need a ton of music? No better way to do that than with an album! We have a bunch this time around from various artists around the fandom covering just about every genre out there. Have a list:

    #newmlp - Aoshi
    The Cats Millionaire Million Dollar Mixtape! - Jeff and Friends
    Derpy's Wings III - Multiple Artists
    Distortion is Magic - Injustrial
    Travesty - Marcato Sound
    A Few Songs About Friendship - Nicolas Dominique

    And head on down below the break for all of them!

    Artist: Aoshi
    Genre: Mixed

    Description: It's free but anything made will go to the new Bronies for Good Ministry of Brony charity.

    The Cats Millionaire Million Dollar Mixtape!
    Artist: Jeff & Friends
    Genre: Mixed

    Description: A loving tribute to musical artist Cats Millionaire.

    Derpy's Wings III
    Artist: Multiple Artists
    Genre: Multiple Genres / Experimental

    Description: Derpy's Wings III is an experimental, charity album for artists to expand their horizons. Each artist drew a letter that gave them certain criteria and they produced a song to match. All proceeds will go to Heifer International, a charity organization to help end poverty and hunger.

    Distortion is Magic
    Artist: Injustrial
    Genre: Electronic, ect.

    Description: This album marks my tentative beginning as a producer. Hopefully it will do well, and if so, I'll be looking in to printing physical copies. As always, I thank you for listening and supporting me and I hope you'll enjoy this

    Artist: Marcato Sound
    Genre: Orchestral

    Description: Travesty is a cinematic, orchestral album produced by Marcato Sound. It revolves around a particular scenario from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic lore.

    For those that follow, this scenario is Celestia's struggle against Nightmare Moon, who she ultimately triumphs over to protect her kingdom from eternal night.

    A Few Songs About Friendship
    Artist: Nicolas Dominique
    Genre: Remix / Chillout / Electronic

    Description: Just a few songs about friendship. Album contains 10 tracks (and 10 instrumentals) of my remixes of songs from Friendship is Magic's Season 4's episodes.

    Kudos to all the original creators and singers!