• 5 Things we Want to See in Season 5

    The wait is killing us! What mysteries will finally be solved in season five? What overarching change should we expect to see? They gave Twilight wings, destroyed her Library, and grew her a brother and sister in law in the last three seasons.  Can they top it?! What should we prepare ourselves for?

    These are the top five things we at EQD hope to see in season five! Head on down below to check them all out as always!

    And feel free to drop yours in the comments as well.  

    A 100% Celestia and Luna Focused Episode

    Season 4 introduced a whole bunch of backstory for these two, but their daily lives remain somewhat of a mystery outside of the comic series.  What does Luna do all day now that Celestia has had 1000 years of doing everything on her own? It would probably be a bit difficult to fit in with all of these systems in place for a single-ruler empire.  We know she can dreamwalk and raise the moon, but the Princess of the Night needs something else to do!

    We want to see an entire episode dedicated to just these two, with the mane 6 acting as background ponies for once.  Maybe it can be one of the usual "Twilight saves the world" arcs but from the Princesses perspective?  Do they really put their hooves up and sip margaritas while watching the events unfold on the royal big screen?

    Explore the Nations Surrounding Equestria

    With four seasons under our belts, we still don't know much about the world as a whole.  Equestria appears to be just a single land mass in an ocean of interesting locales if that canon map is any indication.  There be dragons in the southeast, and griffons straight east.  While these races have been touched upon, their actual governmental structure and societies are still shrouded in mystery.  We aren't even really sure where Zecora came from at that!

    Now that much of Equestria has been picked apart, lets go explore the rest of the world! Twilight Sparkle is now the "Princess of Friendship", which naturally means visits to foreign embassies and diplomatic affairs with neighboring nations to foster global ties.  Give those wings a workout! She obviously wants more purpose if the finale was any indication, and I don't think sitting in her new castle is going to be enough for an ambitious bookworm filled with tales of far off places. 

    The History of Discord

    A lot of people requested this one in our discussion post a few days ago, and at first I wasn't too keen on it.  In some ways, keeping Discord a random and chaotic entity that pops up periodically keeps things interesting.  Becoming too attached would limit that a bit.  The season finale changed this outlook though.  The writers showed that buried in all of the scheming and madness was a character that actually did have a genuine heart.

    But what history does he have with the princesses? At the very end of the season finale, we saw him present a boquet of flowers to Celestia and wink.  Considering how little effort it took to convince her to re-release him in the first place, it may be that these two have a complex backstory just waiting to be told.  Either that or they teamed up to mess with Twilight again, and the season finale was secretly a giant ruse to unlock her rainbow powers.  Celestia does that.

    The Mane Ponies Need to Solve a World Threatening Problem... Without Twilight

    Twilight Sparkle is pretty much the House M.D. of of the mane 6 when it comes to big horrifying events taking over the world.  At the end of the day, it's always up to her to solve the problem.  I love Twilight, and would be perfectly fine with an entire series focused on just her and the inevitable OCD shinanigans she gets into, but lets change it up a bit!

    For an episode, assume Twilight, Celestia, and Luna are off on some diplomatic mission thousands of miles away with no way of returning.  A new threat has arrived and half of Ponyville has already been leveled (again).  How would the mane 5 and Spike solve it on their own?  It's not like they aren't capable.  Hell the "weakest" one can tame a manticore.

    The Mane 6 being... the Mane 6!

    I love me some wild and crazy.  I love it when the world is ending and an epic fight ensues.  I also love exploring Equestria and seeing the sights. Sometimes, we need to dial it back for an episode though. These characters were built for interaction with eachother, and a few of the best moments in the series have been simple banter back and forth between two characters. Testing Testing 1... 2... 3... was a good example of this type of episode.

    While we still need a good mix of the usual off the wall mayhem season three and four heavily introduced, It's good to go back to the basics every once in a while.  We hope to see at least a few of these in season four that aren't dominated by the CMC doing CMC Stuff.  Mane 6 banter is the best.

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