• Music of the Day #294

    It's too bad humans aren't immune to that diabetes thing. I know im not the only one that would live on cake. Who wouldn't? Seriously, cake is delicious. What a horrible situation when something so amazing comes with so many health consequences. How has science not found a way to make sure as healthy as eating a bunch of carrots? Why is this not a number one priority? The other day I saw an electric dog poop scooper. It created waves of vibrations to "clean concrete and other stained surfaces". Why is that even a thing? Why are the people inventing that not working on making cake healthy? Why did this paragraph include both cake a dog poop?

    Uhh anyway, music time! We have 15 tonight, you know how this works.

    Get some

    [1] Source
    Resonant Waves + Adamth3walker - Shadows from the Window
    Instrumental - Ambient

    [2] Source
    A New Home - Evdog [Seeds of Kindness], piano interpretation by Oliver Lacota

    [3] Source
    Skeleton Umbrella - An Apples Honesty(Acoustic Demo)

    [4] Source
    Explore a Song by YapSap

    [5] Source
    Mystery - Red Wine

    [6] Source
    Stop the Bats! - Remix
    Remix - Techno

    [7] Source
    Dj Lunar- Den of Changelings [Silence-2]
    Instrumental - Drumstep

    [8] Source
    Pony Music - Mind Fragments (Liquid Dubstep)

    [9] Source
    Midnight Rain Rainfall Original song

    [10] Source
    Kaoss Walker- Crystal Heart Return
    Instrumental - Rock

    [11] Source
    Evdog - "Andrea"

    [12] Source
    Rappin' Hist'ry Of The Wonderbolts (Little Pony DJ Remix)
    Remix - DnB

    [13] Source
    Seven Ponies - Fluttersky (MG Remix)
    Instrumental - Chill

    [14] Source
    D3adray-Nemesis (Original Mix)
    Instrumental - House

    [15] Source
    STRIK9 - Art of Insanity (Act.4 - Generosity)
    Instrumental - EXPERIMENTAL Dark Ambience