• Hoof Wrestling for Charity at BABSCon

    It's the battle of the bronies as Dustykatt and Snowflake face off at BABSCon for charity! How can you help? Take a look after the break for the full details!

    Looks like BABSCon isn't going to be lacking for events, eh?

    It's the clash of the titans! Well, okay, the clash of two damned big bronies. At Babscon 2014, Dustykatt
    (“the Manliest Brony in the World”) and SnowflakeIRL (“Private Stampede”) will put their manly
    muscles to a manly test. Join us as these two stereotype-crushing behemoths arm-wrestle for charity!

    With a prize purse starting at $5000 from Caerdwyn, this is the Real Deal. The winner will have 2/3 of
    the prize money donated to his charity, and 1/3 will go to the one with the ruined arm. Dusty will be
    wrestling for the Wounded Warrior Project (which serves injured soldiers and their families);
    Snowflake will be wresting for CollegeView School (also known as “Soren's School”, a school for
    children with severe disabilities). Big Mac himself, Peter New, will be refereeing, and Mic the
    Microphone will provide the sinew-snapping ringside commentary.

    And YOU get to participate too! Donations to boost the prize pool will be taken at the event, as well as
    online at the Babscon website. These donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Caerdwyn, up to
    an additional 2500 dollars. A ten thousand dollar purse? You can make it happen!
    It all goes down 2:30pm Friday, April 18, at Babscon (at the SFO Hyatt Regency, San Francisco,

    Follow the mixture of testosterone, sweat, manly tears, and more hype than a new alicorn at
    The Wounded Warrior Project is at http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org
    The College View School is at http://www.collegeviewglendale.org

    Questions? Send email to [email protected] (@caerdwyn on Twitter), or
    [email protected] (@Dusty_kat on Twitter)

    Twitter: Calpain