• BronyCAN Announces Daniel Ingram

    While we have are entering convention season here in the States, Canada is also gearing up their conventions! BronyCAN today is proud to announce the attendance of pony musician extraordinaire Daniel Ingram.

    Get all the details after the break!

    What’s your favorite song from Friendship is Magic? Smile Song? Art of the Dress? Babs Seed? Well at BronyCAN 2014, you can now meet the man behind the songs we all love and sing along to, songwriter and composer Daniel Ingram!

    A multi-Emmy nominated and award-winning composer, Daniel is best known for his songs on the phenomenally successful TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is one of the most prolific and identifiable composers working in television today, with a credit list that spans hundreds of episodic scores and over 200 original songs. Daniel has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and enjoys the unusual distinction of inspiring thousands of YouTube remixes and covers of his music by fans of all ages. His many television shows include Littlest Pet Shop, Martha Speaks, Pound Puppies, Dr. Dimensionpants, Kate & Mim Mim, and Equestria Girls.

    Since he’s writing a dozen songs for My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, among other work, Daniel will only be attending BronyCAN on Saturday (Aug 23rd) to meet fans of his work, sign autographs, and answer any questions that attendees might have. And for those of you who have bought tickets to the VIP dinner, or are considering it, he will also be attending the dinner to meet those who have purchased a pass to this wonderful experience!

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