• Artist Spotlight: NCMares / PuffPink / InkyTopHat / kmrShy

    What's great about ponies is how malleable they are to certain themes and topics. They are just as good at being cute as kittens to as badass as any superhero. It's this diversity that allows our fandom to be as all inclusive as it is, with things that suit about anyone's tastes if they look past the surface.

    As usual, these posts are in similar style to the Tumblr Spotlights, a group of 3-5 artists will be spotlit each entry along with a small short description along with a small selection of their artwork! In order to make this feature work though we need people to suggest artists to us so make sure to send artists you think need some exposure to [email protected]. Please also include a short biography I can work with as well as what medium you work in most.

    What sort of artists count? Suggestions should follow these criteria:

    • No clop or extensive gore galleries as those typically violate our content guidelines. If the artist has a safe for work gallery separate from their not safe for work stuff they or their fans can submit the safe for work gallery. If there is a mix of SFW/NSFW on a gallery the decision whether or not to include them will be judged on a gallery to gallery basis.
    • Don't be afraid to spotlight yourself as well as others!
    • Artists of all types accepted -vector, OC, traditional, digital. As long as it is pony and of quality it has a chance of being spotlit. 
    Now on to the artists!
    Twitter: Calpain


    First up is an artist of sheer badassitude! With a gritty look to each of his pics, NCMares makes you feel like you're in a grim war-zone with his ponies ready for business either with a war cry or a look of raw determination on their faces. Hell, he even makes the CMC look like warriors of awesomeness. His attention to detail not only applies to his ponies, but to his clothing, weapons, and backgrounds as well. Making for some really impressive scenes! Check him out!

    NCMares Gallery


    Next on our list is the exact opposite of our last artist and exemplifies the aspect of cute in the fandom. Some of you might recall me putting up some of her art recently as headers and for good reason: they're adorable! While NCMares goes for a gritty and darker tone, PuffPink is light and fluffy with plenty of color and happiness in each picture. The proportions of her ponies may be different from the show, but I think this aesthetic change adds to the cuteness and overall feeling of the pictures. Take a look!

    PuffPink's Gallery


    One of the awesome things about the fandom is how global it is which allows for a wide variety of artistic styles to develop. This is evident in InkyTopHat who hails from Singapore whose art has a distinct feel that is different from most western artwork. Shiny, detailed, and adorable, Inky hasn't drawn too many ponies but what they have drawn is incredible!

    InkyTopHat's Gallery


    Last but not least today is an artist that will be a treat for our fans that like a little mix of anthro in their art (as well as regular pony). kmrShy typically draws melancholy looking ponies with a paint like effect, all while clothing them in cool looking fashions whether they are on two or four hooves.

    kmrShy's Gallery