• Announcing Musiquestria 2014!

    Musiquestria is back for a second year! And what's more, the fun has been DOUBLED! 

    The premiere MLP music tour is raising funds for not one, but TWO tours this summer. The coast which raises more money after the month-long crowdfunding phase will be awarded with exclusive prizes at every concert, and the more money we raise, the more epic pony concerts we can create!

    For more information and to show your support, check out the links below, and be sure to donate to the tour funding page of your choice. Every dollar helps!

    Keep an eye out for more fun tidbits on your favorite social networks as we ramp up for another awesome year. To contact the tour directly, please email [email protected].

    Musiquestria WEST [ http://igg.me/at/msqwest2014 ]
    Musiquestria EAST [ http://igg.me/at/msqeast2014 ]

    Official Site [ http://musiquestria.com/