If any of you follow the EQD Facebook or Twitter, you know these two arrived yesterday, and if any of you follow EQD, you know I love me some GREAT AND POWERFUL Trixie.  What better way to celebrate than to review her?! Will she mind? Does a molded figurine of EQD's unofficial mascot live up to the pony it is attempting to represent? Can anything live up to a pony of Trixie's calibur? Honestly I don't even know.  Those are tough horseshoes to fill.  We better review this before she starts suing for royalties though. 

    Oh, and Princess Twilight too.  I always did say she looked better in wings.

    NOW GO!

    We start, with TRIXIE.  As you can see, her hat is gigantic.  This is a good thing.  A horn with the amount of magic that flows from a brain Trixie's size requires a giant hat to sufficiently contain it. In fact, for those that didn't know this already, Trixie's horn is actually bigger than Twilight's.  You know what they say about Unicorns with big horns! TWICE AS POWERFUL. She also has a bigger box than Twilight if you check out that header image.  The biggest box of any funko figure yet!  Truly the GREATEST.


    Continuing with the positives, she has that gem in front.  A few of these toys slack on the gem.  That gem is an important part of Trixie's overall character. It cannot be excluded!

    NEXT, we arrive at the negative to the Greatest and most powerful pony.   It appears that her tail has been completely removed. With how much she just loves randomly removing her cape and hat in the show, this might be a problem.  Luckily, both articles of clothing are securely fastened to her glorious frame.  I have a few custom Trixie's from my convention travels over the years, and it looks like half of them also remove her tail.  Whats with all the tail removing? Don't you guys like her tail?

    It's not too big a deal though for the figure overall.  I can imagine those translucent "special edition" versions would be super awkward though.  

    Yep, just a bit.

    ONWARD.  Taking a break from the Trixie fangasm for a bit, we have princess Twilight Sparkle, the first alicorn from the Funko lineup.  While technically not humongous like Luna and Celestia will probably be, she still gives a good example of what a funko figure looks like with both. 

    Her wings are also much larger than what we have seen from the Funko lineup so far, doubling Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's.  I bet Dash is jelly.  I'd be jelly.  Can you do a sparkleboom Dashie? I think not. 

    They continue the trend of double sided cutie marks too, something all the cool companies are jumping on.  

    As with all funko figures, she has a huge tail, and this one appears to be hiked up way higher. Isn't that a thing in equines in general? The more "important" ones tie their tails up or something?  When you are awesome like Twilight, you don't need a tie. And it looks great.

    The one negative I see with Twilight here is how far out her helmet head goes.  That thing is defying all sorts of physics.  Maybe her tail and hair are hit by the same type of magic as an alicorn?

    Lets end this with some comparison shots.  Who doesn't like comparison shots? Just let those sink in for a bit.


    Trixie Positives: 
    GIANT HAT.  We finally have a Trixie with a HAT
    Sufficiently powerful cloak shape with GEM

    Trixie Negatives:
    No tail!

    Twilight Positives:
    Tail looks great
    Compliments Trixie perfectly
    Wings are bigger than all the pegasus ponies so far, staying true to model
    Double sided cutie marks are IN

    Twilight Negatives
    Hair reaching FOR THE STARS.


    The Greatest and Most Powerfulest Trixie here.
    Princess better with wings Twilight here.