• PMV: We'll Be Counting Stars / Friendship is Crazy 5

    We get a lot of PMV's here on EQD, coming from just about every corner of the video making skill sphere. Do spheres have corners? They do when I don't feel like thinking of a better way to phrase that. I guess I could call it a skill square, but spheres are cooler.

    Uhh anyway, what was I getting at... oh right.

    A good amount of the newer ones (save the custom animation everywhere style stuff) have forgone really syncing to the music. Shifting scenes and focusing on the song really make these feel more unique in a way.  #1 does that perfectly.  So go watch it!

    And after that, have something silly, just cause. Both below!

    1.) PMV | We'll Be Counting Stars
    2.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Crazy 5