• Story: Bitter Harvest

    [Comedy][Shipping] "A fast-paced, hilarious rom-com that presents a surprisingly deep look at struggling with sexuality."

    Author: Esle Ynopemos
    Description: Golden Harvest is not jealous. Sure, her neighbor Applejack has a life of adventure and glamor, friends who are national heroes and princesses, an appallingly lucrative share in the local fruit market, and firm, toned flanks. And sure, by contrast, Golden Harvest has been stuck with her snout in the same old muddy patch of carrots pretty much every day since she earned her cutie mark, her best friend is a dentist, and her idea for a 'Carrot Juice Season' never really gained much ground for some reason. But Golden Harvest is not jealous.

    Not jealous at all.

    She just wishes Applejack would stop being so distracting.
    Bitter Harvest

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